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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Well now! after all this time!
 I have just found my blogspot again have not blogged for 2 years
So here goes ' hallo everyone '

I haven't been lazy at all just diverted to other things.

I am still painting a little,  but my time is spent knitting for photographers.
I also knit for my shop on folksy ,  I adore making the little Mary Jane booties,  you can view in
  ' folsky bluebeezy '
Getting back to the photographers

The photographer dresses the new born babies in unusual knitted hats and headbands whilst the baby is nestling in a hand knitted hammock!
That's where I come in. I design and knit hats and headbands for new born babes  I also knit the hammocks.
I'm always thinking of new designs.

You should see my stacks of yarns!!