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Thursday, 17 June 2010

I Have Been featured in June Loons

What a nice surprise to be featured by another craft maker to-day
I listed the butterfly felt brooch only the day before. [see my previous blog]
thanks Natalie!
Had an enquiry from an old customer for some more angel ear rings,so have been buying in a few more beads,she wanted black.

I said I would not be buying any beads for the moment ,but one must please ones customers!!
We have an outside' summer scout fair' this week end,the weather sounds good too.
Then off to a nice' real craft fair' on 26 th June
That is June over!!!


  1. lucky you to be featured! it's a boost to the ego isn't it :)

    I would imagine your angel earrings look good in black...

  2. When I make some I will list them on here to let you see.Black is not my choice for angel ear rings ,but if that is what the customer wants-----