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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Playing with Buttons Again

This time it is a pink necklace.I was lucky enough to find some vintage buttons yesterday at a sale. So off I went home to do some more designing. I listed this one in my dreamaid shop.
We have three fairs this week end so need to take some work to demonstrate.
I find there is so much more interest when potential customers can see that you actualy do make what you are selling
How many times have you been asked this question?'Do you make all this jewellery'
Grr!! I always smile sweetly with gritted teeth,and say' yes I do' mutter mutter.......


  1. Very pretty, Are you doing the fair at dinton next week? we're going to that as there is an orchid fair and I think there is crafts there too?

  2. I'm a button lover myself and I like the necklace full of buttons design! Very Nice. Have a good time at the fairs! :-)

  3. Unfortunately not Sharon! We are doing the Swallowfield agricultural show b.h.Sun & Mon and a lovely little country show at Chappel Row.on Sat.Like to have seen the orchid show tho'Both shows are quite local for us,you too!!!