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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Lucky Winner!!

I have just received my 'Give away prize' all the way from Massachusetts,
I could'nt believe my eyes when the postman handed me this very large box.
I did not expect such a big item,the' afghan throw' is huge,and the colours match my furniture as you can see in the images.
What a clever lady Debbie Malloy is.
So much work, must have taken hours to make. I am so pleased to receive such a beautiful item.
Every time I go into the lounge it makes me smile,

You must look at' poetesswug's blogs she writes the most lovely poetry,aswell as making crochet hats and things,what a busy lady !!
Thank you Debbie for making my day.


  1. Oh how nice!!! Boy, you got it faster than I thought too! Please enjoy!! And thanks for showing me what it looked like laying across your chair...* Big Smiles :-] *

  2. wow, you weren't exagerating on the phone LOL, that's gorgeous!!!