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Thursday, 7 April 2011

I Opened a Shop on Etsy

In March I decided to try selling my paintings in Etsy

I had been saying I must have a go at selling in U.S.A. and every one kept encouraging me to do so.

It is very different to folsky in as much as I can't get my head around the forums. You don't seem to be able to have a conversation with any one. One must join a' team' Well I joined two teams and they are very welcoming to new people, but I am not sure how to operate in these teams. How to promote one's items for instance.

However I am enjoying the new experience, and making some friends
I have listed several paintings so far --see here!!


  1. Yeah, I'm having a problem with the new forums thing too...and I live in the U.S.!! :-)) It's not at all as easy as it used to be. I hardly ever go to the forums anymore. Keep at it though.

  2. Well done you. Keep us posted on how you are managing with it.