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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Featured Again

Great news my button ear rings have been featured on the home page of dreamaid
You can see the pair of cerise ear rings that I mean in the picture below this blog.
I have been designing button jewellery for such a short time. I am pleased to report that my sales at craft fairs have been GREAT!
I am of the opinion that when visitors see me actually making the button jewellery it impresses them.
I do get used to the comments 'Oh! now I know what to do with my mum's old buttons'
I have to giggle 'go on then make em'
I have outlets in three gift shops and they are selling well there too.
I shall be on the lookout for more buttons when ever we go shopping,I do prefer the vintage buttons tho'


  1. Boy! I wish I could get some of this exposure for my button creations!! Congratulations!!! I 'm with you about the vintage buttons. They are a particular favorite of mine too! :-)

  2. Well done Jeanie, and well deserved GO GO GO

  3. that's great Jeanie, really glad it is going well :)