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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Letter From Tuppence to Penny my Breeder

As you Know I am 15 weeks old now,and getting prettier by the day.I love going to craft fairs as there are so many people that I have made friends with.They think
I am adorable especially when I lay on my back,I do like my tummy being stroked.[No I am not a hussey, just friendly]

Every day we go to the park where I run- jump- skip- fall over-and pick up little' treasures'
I played with another puppy yesterday,I think he likes me, hope we see him again. I have to keep my lead on tho' cos I might get lost, it is a very large park. Here are some piccies of me in the park.
Another thing that I like is going out in the car, I travel in the back in my little cage to keep me safe, I've never been car sick!
My owners are very pleased with me when I sit for my meals and special treats, they always say
'gooood girl' Well I am most of the time,I do sleep all night too.
Love you lots and Ben too!xxxx


  1. Awwwwww! I want to "love you and squeeze you and hug you and..."!!! :-)) I used to have a cute doggie that looked just like you. I'm going down memory lane about it right now...without my lead!! ^_^

  2. What a good little doggy you are and so adorable too

  3. Tuppence, you are just so adorable and cute!

  4. Tuppence is so cute, glad you are settling in :)

  5. Tuppence says thank you every one for your lovely comments,she likes being adored!!!