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Thursday, 13 January 2011

About Time Too

Well here she is our little Tuppence---7 months old now!

See how she has grown. You never know how they will turn out when you buy a cross breed.
Tuppy's mum is a Yorkie and her dad is a Jack Russell

We were lucky with that combination as you can see ,she is gorgeous!


  1. I agree, she is gorgeous - lovely colours

  2. She is fabulous and looks an absolute sweetheart. Is she as good natured as she looks?
    Had a grin at your post on my blog. Hubby would be your best friend. Old technology is the best as far as he is concerned! Thank you for dropping by. I love reading the comments - it's far more fun than even writing the post!

  3. She really is gorgeous! And she's flashing personality all over the place! :-) Be careful you don't love her to pieces!!

  4. Lovely little dog, and your paintings are fab.