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Saturday, 19 February 2011

What to do With an old Frame

I decided to frame four of my aceo paintings.
Came across this old red frame, which had been hanging around for quite a while.
With the red in the images it toned in with the red frame.
I was quite pleased with the final arrangement.
Might make some to sell in my shop -- if there was any interest, that is, will do some research!!

In the mean time here is my latest aceo, thinking of Spring and apple blossom.


  1. How pretty! A red frame in itself is a great thing. With these images in it....extra great! :-)

  2. Looks nice. But cannot see this 'invisible aceo'

  3. The invisible image is in my next post . Titled Forgot to publish the image 'Apple Blossom'
    Ha ha!!!
    Thanks for the comments!