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Wednesday, 12 May 2010


What do you think of this fluffy little albino hedgehog?
I knitted it last night using my own design.
It is available at my misi shop


  1. Ahh, so cute, thanks for following me and yes I will think of you at your craft fair, do you think its a good time of year? I've only done one spring one before and that wasn't very good.

  2. Yes! it is a good time of year I have found some lovely fairs over the years. Depends on the activities provided by the organisers.What ever brings the public in.

  3. this is so this what you sold on dreamaid?

    sorry had to go earlier but am following you now x

  4. PS Forgot to give you my blog address - would love you to add yourself to my list, I am a newby and just starting out.