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Sunday, 16 May 2010


I have been busy setting up a shop on dreamaid a charity site ,
my url is

When an item is sold 10% is taken by dreamaid for charity.
I have been lucky enough to have sold one item already,a fluffy hedgehog is on its way to Bonnie Scotland.
My shop is looking quite full now so lots to view. Go on have a peep!

Here is just one item.


  1. Thank you for listing but please note that Dreamaid is a business and Dreamaid Charity is a separate entity which gives access to the internet to poor people so that they can make a better living.

    The 10% is required to make the business grow so we can help more people. It needs to be a successful business in order cover the substantial development and marketing costs. However, we understand it is lower cost than those with listing fees where people see costs of 12-34% from blogs we have read.

    Best wishes,

    The Dreamaid Team

  2. Please check this page on the Dreamaid website

    Best wishes,

    The Dreamaid Team