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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Seven days

I have been too busy designing and making to blog this week,but I am here now.
We have a picture of a penny farthing on our shelf and it inspired me to design these brooches.


  1. I have listed the one with yellow wheels in
    my dreamaid shop to-day,hoping for some interest.

  2. hey Jeanie, they're really cute! was all that felt from the Range? I love your use of colour, especially the middle one...

    Glad you sorted the pics, they look nice like that - breaks it up a bit not being in a straight line :)

  3. Thanks Sharon,yes it was felt from the Range and then we went to Hobby craft to get some paler colours, [which were cheaper]I love working with colour.
    thanks for your help with my lay out of piccs!!

  4. Lovely! The colours look fantastic together!

    Natalie x